Yoga for Pelvic Health


It all started when…

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"I started a yoga practice four or five years ago with Nina’s classes. It was her approach that got me coming back, engaged and curious about yoga."


"I thoroughly enjoyed and delighted in our sessions. Look forward to more."


"Learning more about my body, how it hums and supports me is important and life long learning that I embrace enthusiastically."


"After the last session with Nina I was aware that my rib cage felt more expanded and spacious and I was breathing more easily."


"I’m full of gratitude and happiness for the experience, exploration and benefits of these sessions with Nina. I can’t say enough how working with Nina has been revelatory, inspiring, and body and life altering. I felt we spoke a familiar language. Nina was wonderful to work with. I felt connected, relaxed, safe and trusting during all our work together. I reaped an abundance of personal understanding, knowledge and practical learning due to Nina’s wealth of knowledge and clear and articulate communication. I appreciated her energy, intimacy, caring and thoughtfulness through out our sessions."


"I look forward with delight to continuing my work with Nina."


"Right form the intake Nina created a comfortable yet professional atmosphere, in which to discuss the state of my own pelvic health."


"Nina devised a program that taught me how to identify, isolate, and strengthen the discrete parts of the pelvic floor. Nina was always patient and applauded even the smallest gains in my control. Each session was a good balance of information and exercises and built seamlessly on the previous meeting."